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27 novembre 2016
Megavalanche Réunion 2016

PIC © Andy Lloyd

Megavalanche Reunion Island

Jérome ends up 2nd and Pauline won the Megavalanche! It’s almost the end of the season! For the last trip of the year, Pauline and Jérôme […]
5 octobre 2016

3rd overall of the EWS for Jey!

Jérome ends up 3rd overall After this awesome season of 8 venues around the world, Jérôme was unbelievable consistent and managed to finish in 3rd position […]
5 octobre 2016

EWS#8 Finale in Italy

EWS#8 in Italy: the last battle! What a perfect end of the season!  Finale Ligure has delieverd its best. For the last round of the Enduro […]