Andes Pacifico – Chile

1st race, 1st victory !

What a perfect way to start the season by going to Chile to join the 1st edition of Andes Pacifico race. A great adventure of 4 days and 150km of riding from La Parva resort (Santiago) to link the Pacific ocean in Maitencillo. 80 international riders attended the race to drop down up 11,000 meters cumulative descents on 13 special stages.


Coming from the winter in France, the temperatures were crazy hot (around 30°C every day), and the riders were happy to camp every night together.

Jerome has to deal with big names : François Bailly Maitre (BMC) and the local Nicolas Prudencio (Chilean National champion).

For his 1st race of the season on his 650B new bike, Jey had good feelings and set the pace at the very 1st day.

The terrain was dusty, as Chris Ball describes as « anti grip » trails, and you must get used to the crazy long and different downhills the organisation provides.

But the views were handsome (we can see the higest summit of Chile, the Aconcagua) and it is a perfect opportunity to discover the famous trails of the Andes.

Jey led the race from start to finish by wining the 3 of the 4 days!

He won in front of Nicolas Prundencio by 3 minutes 59 seconds, and François Bailly-Maitre got the 3rd position behind by 6 seconds.

You can find all the results here.

Pauline enjoyed also the adventure and did well too: she finished 2nd behind the NZ rider Anka Martin and in front of Julia Hobson.

Pictures from @JuanLuisdeheeckeren @Svenmartin @Claudio @Davetrumpore @Garyperkin