7 octobre 2014

Jey is back on EWS!

A good come back of Jey in the EWS! Finale Ligure is the last destination of the 2014 Enduro World Series: it was an epic race! […]
29 septembre 2014

TRANSPROVENCE 2014: Jey back on podium!

2nd Place for Jey in Transprovence 2014! On September Jérôme is back on races and Transprovence was one of this biggest objective! This 6 days event with […]
14 septembre 2014

Ischgl Overmountain Challenge : Jey is still the lord of the Sword!

Clementz wins today in Austria! Jérôme has one more time dominated the Ischgl Overmountain Challenge. For this 2nd edition Jey kept his title of the lord […]
9 septembre 2014

Big Mountain Enduro – Crested Butte Colorado

Podium for Clementz in Crested Butte! After my injury, I had no real plan, but when I came back on my bike on the 10th of […]
31 juillet 2014

Follow JC « Making the most of it »

Video Follow JC « Making the most of it » After his crash end of May, Jérôme got surgery right after on his shoulder. Follow JC during this […]
14 juillet 2014

A guest in our Team

A guest rider in our team! We have planned to go to La Thuile for the 4th round of the Enduro World Series. As Jérôme cannot […]
2 juin 2014

EWS#2 Scotland: Birthday, Blind racing and new Booth!

Jey has a busy week: after his surgery on Monday he has to stay quiet a little bit so we have to postpone our flight to […]
19 mai 2014

Bad crash for Clementz…/ Mauvais chute pour Clementz…

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21 avril 2014

1st victory for Jey in the EWS#1 2014 !!!!!

What an amazing race… Let’s start from the beginning! Arrived in Chili 10 days ago for the 1st Enduro World Series 2014, the new team is […]
18 avril 2014

« Follow JC is online »

« Follow JC » is online! What’s new for 2014? Jérôme CLEMENTZ’s team launches a new edit called “Follow JC”. Several videos will be post during the 2014 […]
13 avril 2014

Ready for the season!

Come back to Chile to win! La Parva, Chile, 13rd of April 2014 A week before the 1st Enduro World Series in Chile, Jey wanted to […]
11 mars 2014

New 2014 Video ESCAPE#1 Anfitatro

  New video serie « Escape » from Jey After a great success of 12 Months 12 Stories last year, Jérôme Clementz and his crew launches a new […]
3 mars 2014

Enduro Meeting 2014 #1 Jerome Clementz Experience

San Martin De Los Andes March 1-2 Argentina ! After almost a month in Chile it’s time to move to Argentina. Since few Year, Juanma Andreani from […]
17 février 2014

Andes Pacifico – Chile

1st race, 1st victory ! What a perfect way to start the season by going to Chile to join the 1st edition of Andes Pacifico race. […]
5 février 2014

Camp d’entrainement : Club La Santa – Lanzarotte

Malgré un hiver plutôt doux en Alsace, j’ai prévu d’aller rouler une semaine pour travailler mon foncier sur une des îles Canaries: Lanzarotte. C’est parti avec […]