15 août 2016

The craziest race of EWS#6 in Whistler

The toughest race of the year! With more than 70 km in total, 5 demanding stages and a total race time of almost one hour, Whistler […]
1 août 2016

Podium in EWS#5 Aspen

Back on the podium! The fifth round of the Enduro World Series in Aspen, USA brings Jérôme on his race level! These 2 day of racing […]
15 juillet 2016

Megavalanche win for Pauline!

Megavalanche girl! After her first win 9 years ago, Pauline crossed the finish line of the Megavalanche 2016 in the first spot! And what about a […]
8 juillet 2016

Win in Mountain of Hell!

Mountain of Hell 2016: win for Jérôme Jérôme beats the record of Mountain of Hell with a scratch time of 26:48:09! 6 am in Les Deux […]
30 juin 2016

Volvo ride

Sortie Volvo en Alsace! La concession Elypses Auto a offert une journée de ride a ses passionnés de vélo en compagnie de Jérôme. Rendez vous à […]
13 juin 2016

French Enduro Series 1st victory!

In front of the best french enduro racers, Jérôme took the win for the 1st round of the French cup in Raon l’Etape (Vosges). An intense […]
20 mai 2016

EWS#3 Jérôme ends up 11th

5 avril 2016

EWS#2 6th place for Jey!

29 mars 2016

EWS#1 Jey ends up 4th!

20 février 2016

Andes Pacifico in Chile!

2 février 2016

Volvo nouveau partenaire

8 décembre 2015

Lux* Southern Tropical Challenge 2015

14 octobre 2015

3rd overall in EWS!

14 octobre 2015

EWS#8 in Italy!

28 septembre 2015

EWS#7 in Spain!