EWS#1 Jey ends up 4th!


Tight racing for the first EWS 2016!



The first venue of the Enduro World Series is taking place in Valdivia, Chile. After travelling more than 30 hours by flight, by car and even by ferry, we arrived to the south of Chile and discover a pretty place. At the opposite of big resort, the little fishing village of Corral hosts the race: not a single person is speaking english, it’s rural and we are definitively surrounded by the Chilean culture!


But that doesn’t mean it will easy! Practice and race days are pretty full on with no shuttle: the riders will have to pedal more than 200 km during 4 days and climp up 1600 meters elevation each day…Fresh legs will make the difference during the race!


Day 1:

Jérôme has a really good start by winning the first stage! The course is a good balance between physical and technical sections. The 1st one is fast and demanding. You need powerful legs to carry speed on the start of the 2 and 3 before dropping in a technical section. Every stage got lots of cheerings from the chilean spectators who follow the race !

Jérôme ends up 5th of the first day and he is confident to the next day! 


Day 2:

Race is not over as 3 more stages are waiting for the riders. Even if the body starts to be tired, the motivation is here to catch up some place! Jérôme save his run on stage 4 as it doesn’t fit his style of riding and kept his 5th place afterwards. He wants to give his best on stage 5 because he likes the technical tight section which could give him an advantage. And it worked! On the last one he makes his best time of the day!

Jérôme ended up in 4th position behind a indestructible Richie Rude who won the race. Martin Maes got the 2nd place and Nicolas Vouilloz finished 3rd. Jey will be a contender this year!