EWS#2 6th place for Jey!


Dirt powder in Argentina!


Let’s move on to the next EWS in Argentina! By crossing the border, we discover a totally new spot at the opposite from the last one in Chile, Corral. The Cerro Catedral resort in Bariloche hosts the new venue: 2 days of practice and 2 days of racing are planned for the week.
Ready for some of the dustiest track we’ve ever ridden in world series! That is unbelievable how dry is the terrain, and how quick the tracks become dig by the riders and create big ruts with deep holes. Even the riders don’t recognize the stages after each run!

Day 1:

3 very downhill style stages are scheduled for the day 1: they are tricky and it’s hard to find the good pace on them. Jérôme struggles to find the right balance to ride fast without crashing or too slow to stay on the bike. He ends up 8th (+31.34) but the results are super tight. In front of him he can catch up 2 places in less than 2 seconds…. but also lose 6th in less than 6secondes.Full gas for  day 2!



Day 2:

Time to give his last energy to move up in the ranking. The 1st stage is only downhill and Jérôme gains some seconds and grab a 7th position. Stage 5 is the most physical of the week-end: with a pit stop of less than 5 minutes, Matteo (our mechanic) had to change the rear and front tires. And that pays off as Jerome makes his best results of finishing 4th of the stage. Last one of the day, stay focus and managed to end up without a crash!

Jérôme ended up in 6th position behind a indestructible Richie Rude who won again the race. He was happy for this start of the season, and now he is 3rd overall ! Season is already lauched well!

Final results: