EWS#3 Jérôme ends up 11th


Ireland under the sun!


For the 3rd round of the Enduro World Series, we can say honestly that we’re again in the place to be! 3 days of clear sky with a beautiful sunshine was amazing and even the locals couldn’t believe it! It’s even though Ireland with 7 demanding stages.

The stages are built on a large variety of terrain: from technical and tight singletrack in the dark forest, to some fast and hard pack sections open at the top of the hill, and also some very physical parts! A good mix of different terrains where the riders have to find the right pace.


In Glenealy, all the stages are situated in the little hill. Everything has to be made by bike, 50 km and 1750 meters elevation! And even if the liaisons are kind of boring (they will climb the same uphills 7 times…). The stage are nevertheless very interesting and the crownd are ready to cheer the racers!


Jérôme: « Today was a sick race, 7 stages demanding but very pleasant to ride!  The cheerings of the irish crownd was amazing, on each stage they was yelling and supporting the top 30. I rode on my pace without big mistakes so I was satisfied with my performance. Racing is really tight and this time I was just a little bit off the pace for the top 5 but nothing major. »

After this demanding day, Jérôme ends up 11th! He scores good point for the overall : he is now ex aequo with Damien Oton on the second place.

Finale results:



 The cheerings from the crowd was awesome, they were full on to support either the local rider or the top riders! Congrats to Greg Callaghan who again wins the race and flies over the stages!