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EWS#7 in Spain! | Jerome Clementz

EWS#7 in Spain!

8th position for Jey !

Spain EWS#7

A little spot of paradise for MTB is in Spain!

For the first EWS in Spain, the organization offers us an epic race. Everything was ready to welcome the 450 riders for 2 days of racing around Ainsa!

On Friday all the riders were invited to do a prolog on the city center, starting from the castle on top and going down through stairs, little jumps, and even some houses to make the show! All the city were on fire and the spectators have now started their party


The prolog in the village offers a great show an the riders play the game to make it fun!




On Saturday we did everything by bike, 45 km, 4 stages and around 1600 meters of elevation, it was a tough day but we rode far on the back country to reach the best trails of the area!

As the stages were short, it was extremely tight and the difference between top pilots was less than seconds on stages! Jérôme ride wide open and is really concentrate to give his best! He makes no mistakes and enjoys the first day and ends up 8th (at 0.5 sec of the 7th position!)


Sunday will also be challenging with even more pedaling on the stages! The stage 5th was epic, on the edge of the grey earth and surrounding by the crown cheering on us. In between the top 10, all the riders finished almost in the same second!

The next 2 stages were just amazing, a good mix of technical sections, fast rolling down parts and uphill’s.

On the last one, everybody was waiting at the top but the storm and heavy rains started to falling down on us so the organization had to cancel the race. THe stage 8 becomes a river and it was by sliding on our ass that we going down the hill!!


Jérôme finally finished in 8th position and gains some precious overall points : he is now 3rd on the overall ranking ! One more round in Finale Ligure next week-ed to stay on the podium!


Pauline has a great race on saturday as she finished 4th at the end of the day, she feels comfortable and her new bike gives her wings! On Sunday she has a lack of training and struggle on the physical section but still do her best result of the season so far: 6th! One more round to try to reach the top 5!


Corentin Macinot, our team junior, finished 10th on his category (under 21)! At 18 years he keeps on learning and gains expeirence !


Full results:




Picture: Jérémie Reuiller