EWS#8 The ultimate round for Jérôme !

The ultimate round for Jérôme !

The 8th round of the Enduro world Series takes place in the famous and extremely appreciated Finale Ligure, Italy. For the last one of his Enduro World Series carreer, Jérôme finished in the top 10 ranking!

Strong finish for Jérôme!

For the last one of his Enduro world series career, Jérôme ends up in a high note ! After a long and exhausting race, he finished in 9th position, very happy to reach the top 10 ranking for his last one!

Jérôme : « I would like to race fast but also consistent because I wanted to keep my 4th overall ranking of the year! I play a good strategy to reach my goals! I really enjoyed racing in front of this big crowd, and I’m happy to leave my full time racing in a high note! »

Full results : http://www.enduroworldseries.com/results/2017-round-8-finale-ligure-italy/

For this special round, my partners have treated me very well: I’ve got a custom frame and kit with my all the EWS highlight I’ve done during the last 5 years! I end up 23rd times in the top 10!