French cup victory!

Jérôme wins the French Cup in Raon l’Etape!

The second round of the french cup took place in Les Vosges mountains, where Jérôme has again shown his domination on his favorite terrain! Fresh new tracks have been especially built for the course which makes it even more exciting. The french format is extremely demanding : within 2 days, in between racing and training, Jérôme rode more than 90km and 3300 + elevation in total!

A tight round!

The French enduro top names were attending the 6-stage race. With a total time of 22:16.198 of racing, Jérome takes the victory with 4 stages win,  in front of a strong Elliot Trabac (+6′) and his teammate Rémy Absalon (+25′) ends up in 3rd position. Ludovic Oget (+31′) (Giant) finished 4th and the 5th place was taken by Youn Deniaud (47′).

Jérôme : « In between the 2 EWS, it was a challenge to race. But it was closed to home and it gives me a good interval training. On top, it’s good for the mind to have a victory, and I would ilke to keep this speed for the next round in Ireland! »

Full results : here

The loamy dirt of Raon l’Etape is incredible, and the riders have appreciated the new stages the organisation has built for the event!

Jérôme’s father has again gone back to work! He helped Jérôme during the first year of the EWS in 2013 where Jérôme won the title!

Pictures by Kike Abelleira