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Happy new year | Jerome Clementz

2017 is the year of new objectives!

A new year starts and of course a season is coming as well. I definitively like the life I live, love what I am doing, and would like to keep going my projects and keep the fun I have on my bike.

For this new season, I will race the full series of the Enduro World Series but, I don’t want to only focus on this racing program. I will be ready to reach my limits, train hard, push my performance and get as fast as I can to the end of each stage. Aside, I would like to take part of others events which I am thinking the enduro spirit is represented. I started enduro almost 15 years ago, when it was not famous and I am happy to be part of the enduro history. I achieve the objectives I fixed to myself, won the race I dreamed of and I will defend the sport I take part in. On top of the EWS I’m planning on doing some multi days race like Andes Pacifico (Chile), NZ enduro (New Zealand), Trans BC Enduro (Canada) and some great national event like The dirty Sanchez Enduro (California) or Enduro Jura (France).

I will share all my racing week-end through my social media thanks to #followjc with some live videos and photos.

Apart of that, I am planning a video series with 4 episodes (10-15’) to show also what do I do every day. I will put together images from different topics; from my training program, which sport I am doing during all the year to improve my performance or to simply have fun with friends! To some others side of my work like testing prototypes, developing new bike parts, frame, clothes, and giving feedbacks to my partners who always get me involved in their innovation process. Of course, I would like to share the inside of the race, see how the team is organised, how we manage to start to be efficient in some stressful situation but also see some nice images for lines, speed and technical sections.

Moreover, I created an enduro series in 2009 in my region which is called now the Cannondale Enduro Tour powered by SRAM. Even if I don’t organize it anymore by myself, I am still involved on this project, and always add my touch before the event like be sure that the race tracks are well taped, add some modifications etc…

Finally, I will travel with my bike, discover new places, new trails and new locations. I already plan to visit Chile for Andes Pacifico event, then go to the USA for the Dirty Sanchez event in California and spend times with my team mates Mark Weir and Marco Osborne having fun.

There will be also some great specific video and photo projects during the year. I don’t want to tell too much to keep the surprise… but I guarantee that I’ll be busy and enjoying every moment of my season

All over the world, we share the same passion, have the luxury to spend time on our bikes. I wish to all my followers to have a nice year enjoying some epic rides, having new projects and feeling free on your bikes.

Stay tuned for more information!