Jey is back on EWS!

A good come back of Jey in the EWS!

Finale Ligure is the last destination of the 2014 Enduro World Series: it was an epic race! 2 days of racing, 6 stages, 90 km, and more than 2500 meters elevation were planned before reaching the finish line of the off season!

Arriving in Finale at the beginning of the week, we fell like in summer time: lots of holiday-marker laying on the beach, high temperatures and sunshine, gelatos and terraces were full!

On Saturday 4 technical stages were spread near the seafront: liaisons time were short and it was a good mix of technical and pedaling stages. Jérôme did a good day: he was happy to reach the top level again and has good feelings on his bike.

After the 1st day, he finished 7th near the podium (+14sec). During the evening he was more than motivated to come back closer to the podium on Sunday!

Sunday’s race will be certainly in the memories of all the riders. Starting with a liaison of 20km and more than 1000 meters ascending the day gonna be tough! On the top of Finale backyard mountain, the 2 last stages of the season were hard to reach! A little stage 5 warms the riders before the long 6th one. Jey was waiting for the last stage because it was extremely demanding; at the end he passes the finish line in the 4th position happy to get closer to the podium (only 0.5 seconds)!
Jey got confident to his bike again and is really happy to show that it’s still on the game! He reaches his goal by finishing top 5. Now it’s time to rest a little bit before starting a  new preparation for the 2015 season with a hige motivation!

A big congrats to Jared Graves who is the new Enduro World Champion 2015!

Overall results: 

Pauline also races! She is happy to finish in the top 10 ranking with 50 girls who start. A last crash on stage 6 scratch her chest but she manages to made it! « I like to spirit of riding with all the girls even if it become harder and harder! Happy to finish 9th it’s a good performance for my level ».