Mountain of Hell 2nd place for Jérôme

The craziest race of the season!

Starting 800 riders on a mass start from 3400 meters above sea leval on hard pack snow glacier, the Mountain of Hell has again proved its madness! A local association called « Choucas bikers » has organised this event since 19 years in Les deux Alpes… And it worth it!

This year, Jérôme has beat his speed record by going over 124 km/h in the snow.. Then the battle has just began: after the frightening snow part, the course track goes though rocks garden, then steep dusty bike park features, to finish 2500 meters down in a technical hiking trails! And without any rest as the short but painful uphills have to be made by sprinting! This race is definitively full on!

2nd place for Jerôme!

A real performance for Jérôme who took part of this race since he began enduro racing. He was mostly  in  front of the race on the top section, and then after a small mistake in a grassy place, he crashed before the last downhill, and Kilian Bron took the opportunity to pass over him. Jérôme jumped into his bike and followed him closerly, pushing pressure on him. Nevertheless, the young rider from Annecy was stronger and finished 1 second in front of Jerome in Venosc village. The battle was intense !

Jerome : « The race was intense and we managed to reach the downhill under 30 minutes which is a real performance! I really pushed hard so I am happy of my result, I played with this racing feeling all the way long, it’s been exciting! Kilian has been clever and fast and I am really happy to end up in one piece behind him and I still win the Master category 😉 ! »

• 1st Kilian Bron (29:34)

• 2nd Jérôme Clementz (+1 sec)

• 3rd Nicolas Queré (+42 sec)

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