Ready for the season!

Come back to Chile to win!

La Parva, Chile, 13rd of April 2014

A week before the 1st Enduro World Series in Chile, Jey wanted to test his winter training and decided to race the Montenbaik enduro in La Parva (1h for Santiago). It is a great opportunity to do the last settings on the bike and feels racing vibes to be ready for the season! Nothing is better than race to get right feedback from your preparation.

Lots of international riders attend the Montenbaik enduro so the competition was strong: Nicolas Lau, Rémy Absalon, Aaron Bradford, Fabien Barel, Nicolas Prudencio (1st Chilean), René Wildhaber & Florian Nicolaï were at the start with 400 other riders!

The organization offers 3 long and downhill-style stages in a very loose terrain (we are back to Chile!) and in high altitude; the start was in 3575 meters from sea level. It was hard condition for the riders because it was cold and they suffer from the jetlag and the high elevation.

Jérôme has also a little crash 2 days before the race and gets hurt in the calf.

Jérôme starts in “safe mode” and would like to test the grip before pushing hard. He won the 2nd and 3rd stages but the fight was hard! He won the race in front of Nicolas Lau (+11 sec) and Florian Nicolaï (+17sec).

He has good feeling on his bike and it gives him confidence for next week.


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The lights are green for the EWS#1 in Nevados de Chillan next weekend!