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RoBIKEson Crusoé Island | Jerome Clementz

RoBIKEson Crusoé Island

« Hi Everybody,
Let me introduce myself.My name is Robinson Crusoe, Sailor. I’m stuck on this Island for more than 4 years now. I had an argument with the captain, our boat was damaged and I wanted to fix it here and rest for a while. The captain disagree and when I tried to rally the crew to my idea, I was blame as a traitor and left alone here, while they were sailing away. I was thinking that it will not be an issue and a boat will pass sooner than later. Unfortunately, so far I’ve only seen Pirate vessel and didn’t take the chance to notify them that I was hidden here.

This morning as I was counting the day in my cave, I saw something floating in distance. Looking more cautiously I could tell that this is a small bark without any crew aboard. The boat will finally run around and I go directly to check what it is, happy to probably have found a way to leave this place. There is no one around, only a bike and a bag in the boat.
After months of walking around the island, I wanted to check this one more time before leaving and trying to reach mainland.

Let’s go, I start with the valley around the cave, where I spent so much time since I’m here. It’s so much quicker to move around with the bike, I reach Salsipuedes in no time, ride this beautiful ridge, jump and play with the denivelation, much more fun than walking.
After the descent, I climb to Mirador, where I used to come everyday to check the 360° view on the Island, hoping to spot a boat that could help me escape the Island. I go down toward the Bay of cumberland, the trail is hard, steep and technical, but with the bike has a great geometry, smooth suspension, a seatpost that goes up and down when you push the lever and impressive tyres. It’s a blast to ride down and I’m smiling all the way.

I climb then to El Centinela, where I can explore the western side of the island. I play with the geological feature, through grooves as high as my hubs, it’s tricky and you need to be precise but the feeling of speed is exciting. I finally reach some red dirt of Puerto Frances. From there I turn back to go to Villagra, area where I had the habit of hunting. From this place I can spot the Isla Santa Clara. You can cover so much more ground with the bike, it’s just insane.

I decide to lengthen to the far east of the Island, I can discover some flatter land, where I’ve never been so far. There is tons of seal, that could make a proper feast for dinner 😉 If I would have known before I wouldn’t have lost so much weight.

After a long day of the bike, I decided to go to the base camp. On the way back I start thinking of the opportunities this bike provide and this wonderful day. I finally come to the decision that I will stay here. I’m on my own, no one to bother me, I have so much fun riding anywhere I want, I have food, water and good weather. The arrival of the bike that I’ll name « Friday » as it appeared on this day of the week, changed the possibilities that I’ve here and I don’t have much to expect in other places of the world !
I let the boat drift away, I go back in my cave already dreaming of the ride I’ll be doing on the next day !
Life is better with a bike ! »