TRANSPROVENCE 2014: Jey back on podium!

2nd Place for Jey in Transprovence 2014!

On September Jérôme is back on races and Transprovence was one of this biggest objective! This 6 days event with 24 stages in total is always a challence either for the man, the bike or the mental. Starting in High Provence Alps, the race crosses the most beautiful singletracks of the South of France to reach Menton. Great rewards to see the beach after 6 days of hard pushing and big climbs.


The battle was hard in between Jey and François Bailly Maitre. FBM won 4 days and Jey 2. A big crash of Jey which lost his bike on the bushes on day 5 gives to FBM an advantage on the clock. The shoulder is starting to be strong again and Jey is happy to find back his skills; he just needs time to find the right balance between too much agressive ride and too safety runs. Jey finished finaly 2nd behind FBM with 44 seconds difference. Jamie Nicoll finishes 3rd. Jey is happy to go onto race again and feel confident for the next EWS in Finale Ligure!


Overall results:


Pictures : Sam NEEDHAM