The NZ kiwi is our national icon. They are unique and unusual and are our ‘eccentric’ national symbol. They also command a position all of their own in the bird world due to evolution in geographic isolation here in New Zealand.

The national icon of New Zealand is the kiwi bird, it is rapidly declining in numbers with the kiwi population halving about every 10 years.  Without conservation initiatives, kiwi chicks only have a 5% chance of survival to 6 months old.  At Rainbow Springs, kiwi eggs are brought from around the North Island and are incubated and hatched onsite.  The chicks are nurtured until they reach a weight where they are better able to defend themselves in the wild.

Since 1995, Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs have hatched and raised over 1400 kiwi chicks for release back to the wild.

We have been visiting th Kiwi Enxounter at Rainbow Springs in Rotoru. It was amazing to see how much energy the team push to keep the a vital role on the survival of the Kiwi birds.

We’ve got a special visit from Emma and Toni. It’s pretty rare to see the kiwi so close, thanks for the time and the explanations we ‘ve got! I really recommand to go and visit the park, it’s absolutely a unique experience.

Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow springs operate a charitable trust – the National Kiwi Trust – to assist with raising funds to enable its kiwi conservation work to continue. If you want to donate, follow « Help save a kiwi » –

Rainbow Springs helps save the kiwi